New sounds from Bayou7

Bayoutonic is out now and helps you to bootify your life.  Have a listen at following links:


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Galactic Blues is coming to town

The BootyJive is throwing an earthling party at ZigZag Jazz Club on 17. June, 2023.  Chance to get bootified!  Huhhhh!

Bootyfication: Chapter Six “Jupiter Kick” (Jupiter)

The BootyJive has set out to bootify the nine planets of your primitive solar system and bring pure joy and funkiness from their home planet Bayou7. This is the sixth chapter of the bootyfication-serie. Nine months, nine planets, nine songs!


The BootyJive's first planet Earth edition album in collaboration with Unit Records.
Buy directly at: JPC

The BootyJive shows

Upcoming Shows (Get BootyNews )

ZigZag Jazz Club


17. Jun. 2023 · 21:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

Past Shows

ZigZag Jazz Club


3. Mar. 2023 · 21:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

ZigZag Jazz Club


10. Dec. 2022 · 21:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

ZigZag Jazz Club


7. May. 2022 · 21:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

7. Mar. 2020 · 21:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

12. Oct. 2019 · 20:00

Bahnhofstraße 3, 78166 Donaueschingen


Bootyfication of south Germany!

11. Oct. 2019 · 20:00

Landstraße 6, 79261 Gutach im Breisgau

29. Nov. 2018 · 20:00

Mühlheim, Germany

Jazz at the Philharmonic

Bootyfication of Russia! При поддержке Генерального консульства Германии в Калининграде Руководитель Бернард Ульрих (саксофон) Взрывной джаз-фанк-коктейль в сочетании с впечатляющим сценическим перформансом

12. Nov. 2018 · 20:00

Kaliningrad, Russia

ZigZag Jazz Club

The place to be to get your primitive brains enhanced.

5. Oct. 2018 · 20:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

The BootyJive Earth Party

The BootyJive Private Party.  Limited capacity, please send us a mail if you're interested in coming.

29. Sep. 2018 · 20:00

Berlin, Germany

Drum and Bass Festival Dresden

Booty Show + Workshop

15. Sep. 2018 · T.b.a.

Alaunstr. 36.40 01099 Dresden

14. Sep. 2018 · 20:00

Görlitzer Straße 2b 01099 Dresden

12. Aug. 2018 · 16:00

Oderbruch, Germany

4. Aug. 2018 · 20:00

Nida, Lithuania

3. Aug. 2018 · 20:00

Warsaw, Poland

Blues’n Jazz Rallye

With Earthling-Drummer Yatziv Caspi

21. Jul. 2018 · 20:00

Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal - Luxemburg

Lichtspiel Bamberg

Space Movie Night: Live and Cinema

30. Oct. 2017 · 21:00

Untere Königstr. 34, Bamberg

29. Oct. 2017 · 21:00

Würzburg, Germany

7. Oct. 2017 · 20:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

6. Oct. 2017 · 20:00

Tzschirnerplatz 3-5, 01067 Dresden Germany

25. Nov. 2016 · 20:00

Große Petersgrube 11, 23552 Lübec

24. Nov. 2016 · 20:00

Medusastr 16, 24143 Kiel

16. Sep. 2016 · 21:00

Geinsteinstraße 42, 81675 München


With special Earthling: Daniel "El Congo" Allen

14. Aug. 2016 · 21:00

Bleibtreustraße 1,10625 Berlin


With special Earthling: Nils Marquart

13. Aug. 2016 · 21:00

Bleibtreustraße 1,10625 Berlin


With special Earthling: Jan von Klewitz

12. Aug. 2016 · 21:00

Bleibtreustraße 1,10625 Berlin

28. May. 2016 · 20:00

Hauptstr. 89, 12159 Berlin

30. Jan. 2016 · 20:00

Altperverstraße 23, 29410 Salzwedel


"Unidentified Funky Organisms" - Record Release Party!!

17. Oct. 2015 · 21:00

Bleibtreustraße 1,10625 Berlin

Captain Rich

Captain Rich [/ˈkæptɪn/ /ˈrɪtʃ/]

Korkusian Saxophone

Born during a collision of comets, no wonder he likes metal objects. Communicates with Korkus through his saxophone when he's not busy running the Bureau of Lost and Found. Fastest spaceship pilot in the universe, otherwise no known talents.

Captain Rich blowing
Mr. Takaway

Mr. Takaway [/ˈmɪstə/ /tɚkæˈweɪ/]

Interstellarian Guitar

Country boy, self proclaimed astrologist from the backwoods of Bayou. Decoded the message contained in the Golden Record after several decades, on a pilgrimage to rock'n'roll upon hearing the phonograph record sent by NASA. Recovering balsamicoholic.

Mr. Takaway ripping
Fleischer Doria

Fleischer Doria [/fleɪʃə/ /ˈdɔria/]

Wormhole Bass

Chief scientist. There are no such thing as unknown scientific discovery to this man. Enthusiastic about conducting various experiments on planet Earth. Only he knows how to operate Korkuphone in the galaxy.

Fleischer Doria
Loken Sand

Loken Sand [/loʊk(e)n/ /ˈsænd/]

Bigbang Drums

Messenger of the Almighty Korkus, when he wears the cape, turns into a Bayou priest. Received numerous complaints from neighboring planets for big banging his drums.

Loken Sand banging
home img

Four musicians from planet Bayou7 are enlightening the world with a new style of music so far unheard of on earth – the Spaceboogie!

From dead straight funk to soulful dance and bittersweet ballads, the album gives a raving and entertaining account of musical life on Bayou7 while taking the human listener on a musical trip to the hippest corners of the universe.

After first testing the music on enthusiastic European and African audiences in 2014, it was decided by Korkus* to expose all humans to the musical depths of Bayou7.

The studio of Commander Fux** in Berlin served as the perfect environment for the band to record the entire album live – no overdubs – no cheating – just raw music. The Swiss label Unit Records has been chosen as the perfect partner to spread Bayou7 culture amongst earthlings.


The energy captured on this recording may very well be classified as a milestone in authenticity and musical bravery. Travel agents might find it challenging to book a trip to Bayou7 in order to hear this truly galactic music at its very origin. Fortunately for everyone, The BootyJive plans to continue inspiring earthlings by performing their exhilarating live show at many venues across the planet.

* Korkus: Spiritual Guide of all Bayounians and founder of Bayou7
** Commander Fux: Bayou7 name of Ralph Graessler, the first human to study Bayou7 culture


  1. Papa Hooch
  2. It is known that, when Korkus finally turned back into his original form, his humble servant Hooch took care of these four orphans. No man has ever laid eyes on Hooch, but there is no doubt as to his existence.

  3. Schmooze Me (You Make Me Woozy)
  4. As ultra-terrestial as The BootyJive crew maybe, they still want to schmooze with you.

  5. Some Booty Love
  6. The cosmic mission of the crew includes that of spreading booty love around the extra-terrestrial vicinity of the greater Bayou galaxy space, because everyone knows, “some booty love is all you need…”

  7. The Wind Shall Carry Me Free
  8. The BootyJive crew brings you the first outer-space lullaby known to mankind. Its historical importance is due to its rarity of originating from Bayou planets number 7 – the mysteriously sweet of all planets in the universe.

"U.F.O." - The BootyJive (2015)

UFO CD Cover

Label: Unit Records

Buy: Ebay or JPC


· Captain Rich aka Bernhard Ullrich - Korkusian Saxophone / Cosmic Flute on „Nebula“

· Mr. Takaway aka Takashi Peterson - Intestellarian Guitar / Bayounian Noise Generator on „Bayou7“

· Fleischer Doria aka Tobias Fleischer - Wormhole Bass / Korkuphone on „Got Jiggles"

· Loken Sand aka Andi Bühler - Big Bang Drums / Weird Vocals on „Got Jiggles“

Also starring:
· Commander FUX aka Ralph Grässler - Earthling Guitar on „Ain’t No Twistin“, „Bayou7“ and „Badoolin'“, Rhodes on „Bayou7“

· Markus „Mystery Man“ Büchel - Rhodes on „Woods, No Metals“

All compositions written by Takashi Peterson except "Woods, No Metals" written by Takashi Peterson and Andi Bühler.

Recorded and mixed in 2014 by Commander FUX at Mission Control, Berlin.

Produced by Commander FUX and The BootyJive

Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Seven "Moist Me up" (Mars)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Six "Jupiter Kick" (Jupiter)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Five "Orbed Orbit" (Mercury)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Four "Alien Inn" (Saturn)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Three "Bayoutonic" (Uranus)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter Two "Hiccolo" (Neptune)
Bootyfication of the Nine Planets 2018: Chapter One "Swingby" (Pluto)
The BootyJive - Trailer
The BootyJive: Woods, No Metals

Check out the marvelous crew

„Extremely tight compositions packed with thrilling interaction… Interstellar at least, if not heavenly...“ (Bass Quarterly)

„This intensely rhythmic, disc shaped object grooves, it jazzes, it rocks with alien-like soundscapes and melodic twists that phaser-blast the old jazz and funk stereotypes to smithereens.“ (Concerto)

„Technically savvy and utterly convincing, jam packed with original humor, these guys are having a blast doing their thing“ (Drums and Percussion)

„Funk and Fusion at its best“ (Jazzrock TV)

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Label: Unit Records

Artwork: Mama Bayou aka Alicia Bühler

Website: Mr. Takaway aka Takashi Peterson

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