Latest release Alien Inn
Latest release Alien Inn



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The Band

The BootyJive cook up a highly explosive jazz-funk mix, bridging the gap between Frank Zappa and James Brown. From merciless funk to soulful dance sounds and tender ballads, Captain Rich, Mr Takaway, Loken Sand and Fleischer Doria paint a stirring and breathtaking picture of cultural life on the planet Bayou7, taking the humanoid listener on a galactic cruise to the most extraordinary corners of the jazz and blues universe.

The four ambassadors have come to earth to enlighten the audience on planet earth.

Captain Rich [/ˈkæptɪn/ /ˈrɪtʃ/]

Korkusian Saxophone

Born during a collision of comets, no wonder he likes metal objects. Communicates with Korkus through his saxophone when he’s not busy running the Bureau of Lost and Found. Fastest spaceship pilot in the universe, otherwise no known talents.

Captain Rich

Mr. Takaway [/ˈmɪstə/ /tɚkæˈweɪ/]

Interstellarian Guitar

Country boy, self proclaimed astrologist from the backwoods of Bayou. Decoded the message contained in the Golden Record after several decades, on a pilgrimage to rock’n’roll upon hearing the phonograph record sent by NASA. Recovering balsamicoholic.


Fleischer Doria [/fleɪʃə/ /ˈdɔria/]

Wormhole Bass

Chief scientist. There are no such thing as unknown scientific discovery to this man. Enthusiastic about conducting various experiments on planet Earth. Only he knows how to operate Korkuphone in the galaxy.


Loken Sand [/loʊk(e)n/ /ˈsænd/]

Bigbang Drums

Messenger of the Almighty Korkus, when he wears the cape, turns into a Bayou priest. Received numerous complaints from neighboring planets for big banging his drums.

Loken Sand



„Extremely tight compositions packed with thrilling interaction… Interstellar at least, if not heavenly…“ (Bass Quarterly)

„This intensely rhythmic, disc shaped object grooves, it jazzes, it rocks with alien-like soundscapes and melodic twists that phaser-blast the old jazz and funk stereotypes to smithereens.“ (Concerto)

„Technically savvy and utterly convincing, jam packed with original humor, these guys are having a blast doing their thing“ (Drums and Percussion)

„Funk and Fusion at its best“ (Jazzrock TV)